Musical theater is still a novel concept to me. Somewhere in the middle of rehearsing for my first musical performance last spring (Hoof n Horn’s Aida), I thought to myself, “Isn’t it strange that the townspeople, police officers, villains, etc. all just frequently and randomly break out into dramatic song? Does nobody in the story ever wonder where this mysterious orchestral music comes from?” I didn’t quite get it. With no other explanation, I attributed it merely to the camp characteristically involved with musical theater. Now, two musicals later (although I’m still a noob), I finally realize the true explanation: music is awesome. Music gets people through the day, and musical performers know that. If random background music were to begin playing in real life, we wouldn’t waste time to ask where it came from. We would start singing. We would dance. We would join arms and kick our legs high until the music stopped and we were forced to resume dialogue. That’s musical theater, and that’s why I’m here. Hello, Ragtime people. I’m ready to sing.

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