Sorry to break with the Ragtime-themed titles! I couldn’t think of a good one.

To say that I’m excited about Ragtime would be a fairly huge understatement.  I’m currently sitting backstage at a run of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, I spent about six hours working in the Scene Shop today, and I still can’t wait to go to Ragtime tonight.

In my next few blog posts I have plenty to talk about: the differences between student-run musicals and Theater Studies musicals, what life is like as a cast member, what life is like working on the set in the Scene Shop, and plenty of other things.  So I wanted to take tonight’s post to talk about how great it was to see everyone last week.  I know quite a few of you already, but for those of you whom I have not yet met, I’m looking forward to it.  I’m thrilled to see what everyone has to bring to the table!  So if you see me wandering around campus or you see me after rehearsal tonight; Hi! My name is Lindsay.  It’s nice to meet you!

Seriously though, please introduce yourselves.  My goal is to learn everyone’s name by opening night.  And I mean everyone.