My research interests lie at the intersection of development economics, labor markets, health, and household decision-making. In addition, I am interested in inter-group inequality and inter-group conflict. I primarily use data from developing contexts to study topics in applied microeconomics that are of particular interest to economic development. My research is primarily empirical, but it is guided by economic theory from development, labor and health economics. In my empirical work, I use a variety of econometric tools and identification techniques to answer research questions that are not only relevant to economic literature, but are also informative to policy decisions. I am skilled in using survey data, administrative data, and GIS data to conduct my research.

Working Papers

Internet Access, Employment, and Household Bargaining (Job Market Paper)

Household Decision-Making and Female Genital Cutting: Evidence from Mali


The Sexual Orientation Wage Gap in the US, with John Levendis and Mehmet Dicle, Dec 2017, International Journal of Social Economics: 44(12).

Research Experience

Research Assistant for Robert Garlick, Duke University, 2014-present

Research Intern for Richard Birchwood, Schlumberger, 2009