Queen Elizabeth 1

Liam van den Hoek

The Queen I researched and collected texts for was Queen Elizabeth I. As instructed, the texts collected were full-view and were therefore not restricted by copyright. This will certainly be reflected in the findings of the database as it will only include results that have a complete text which should be more helpful. Furthermore, within my search of the database I occasionally included filters that would ensure that terms such as ‘England’ were in the text or even in the title. This helped me to ensure that the focus of the text was on Queen Elizabeth and her rule within the United Kingdom. Additionally I ensured that her name was included in the title of the text. With this I was able to selectively pick out texts that primarily focused on Queen Elizabeth I. Even with this filter, there were many texts which focused on other people such as Mary Queen of Scots yet I decided to choose texts that focused primarily on the life of the queen or at least an aspect of it. An example of this is “The Private Character of Queen Elizabeth” by Frederick Carleton Chamberlin.

Our class has not yet reached the readings that will focus on Queen Elizabeth I and therefore I could not immediately associate terms from the visualisations with a text that I had read. Yet, I was able to notice how frequently other terms were mentioned even thought I would not expect them to be so prominent. For example, on the visualisation where the larger words represent a larger volume of frequency within the text, I noticed how often words associated with males such as king, lord and bishop were brought up as they took up a significant portion of the visualisation. From this I have decided that I will be mindful of how influential males were within the life of Queen Elizabeth or whether these texts were simply attempting to focus on males despite of their irrelevance to her rule.