Welcome to my GCS portfolio!

Here’s some information about me:

Student name: Andy Qiao

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major, Minors, Certificates: BSE in Biomedical Engineering, Minors in Chemistry and Global Health

GCS Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Arya

GCS Focus: Engineer Better Medicines

GCS Thesis Topic: Investigating the mechanisms of viral DNA packaging motors

Why do you want to be a GC scholar? For me, being a GC scholar would empower me to use my engineering education in a way that tangibly benefits society. Being an engineer means so much more than solving problems and designing tools in an abstract bubble. Rather, it means engaging with the world in many of ways articulated by the GCS program, ensuring that developments made in the lab and classroom are addressing real issues that people face in an impactful manner.