Understanding Alzheimer’s, brain aging, & the role of APOE2 allele

In our study, we adopted an integrative approach that combined behavioral assessments, brain imaging, and blood transcriptomics to focus on the transition from middle to old age in APOE2 mice, leading to the identification of critical brain sub-networks and regions such as the cingulate cortex; we utilized Sparse Multiple Canonical Correlation Analysis (SMCCA) for modeling and graph neural network predictions, providing valuable insights into brain connectivity, aging, sex differences, and potential therapeutic targets.

Hae Sol Moon, Ali Mahzarnia, Jacques Stout, Robert J. Anderson, Madison Strain, Jessica T. Tremblay, Zay Yar Han, Andrei Niculescu, Anna MacFarlane, Jasmine King, Allison Ashley-Koch, Darin Clark, Michael W. Lutz & Alexandra Badea, Multivariate Investigation of Aging in Mouse Models with Alzheimer’s Protective APOE2 Allele: A Fusion of Cognitive Metrics, Brain Imaging, & Blood Transcriptomics, Brain Structure and Function, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00429-023-02731-x 


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