Week 1 Insights

After interviewing ten customers, we know that the training facility will use various devices that tracks eye movement, heart rate variability, motion, and other human performance metrics. However, each hardware collects and stores data separately, and there currently exists no way for the data to be stored in a single location. The military lacks an efficient way to store this data which leads to the lag in the analysis of the data. More specifically, we discovered that data is in the hands of the Cognitive Performance Coordinator (CPC) who gets the raw data must spend a lot of time scrubbing the data before giving the data to the data analysts. The data analysts support the research psychologists in evaluating the training program. Our customers emphasized that the data should be continuously updated as new data occurs.

Next week, we plan on interviewing potential trainees. All of our interviews this week were with individuals who would be facilitating or leading the training program. Speaking with trainees will allow a more holistic picture of the training program. Additionally, we plan on speaking to more data analysts. The data analyst can address our questions of their daily technical functions as well as their inability to work with raw data. Apart from more diverse interviewees, we plan to clarify on the timeline in training site construction, type of biometric devices that are currently used and future biometric devices that will be used, and why the data analysts cannot scrub the raw data.


Name Job Description/ Role Designation Key Takeaways Email
Oscar Gonzalez Research Psych -training needs military person and CPC
-facility not yet built-psychologists would like to analyze rather than clean data
SSG Trevor Obrien S6 Information Technology US Army Special Operations Command(USASOC) -technology are in different versions-device to device communication is important

-SPEAR: both a hardware and software solution

Rick Dietrich SOCEP DIR -Cognitive Performance Coordinator (both Dan Sproles & Dan Gyetsky) gets raw data -> scrubs data -> gives data to data analysts-raw data is on CPC’s laptop so CPC’s have to scrub data to transform it into something that data analysts can use – it takes a lot of time for CPC to scrub data Frederick.d.dietrich@socom.mil
Phillip Thomas Director of Academic -equipment must be approved for continuous software updates (otherwise manual updates on an unconnected computer)-SOCOM initiative – all data is inputted manually right now phillip.thomas2@socom.mil
Jim Arp HDP Director US Army Special Operations Command(USASOC)

Special Warfare Education Group


-smart system automatically collects and uploads data-problem: measure impact of the training programs james.arp@socom.mil
Kelvin Bronson S6 Information Technology US Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School(SWCS) – high demand for coaches (want to serve more students) and currently coaches/CPC(especially before Oscar came) need to take time away from training students to process data.-Thus, one of the main goal of our solution should be to save their time and energy so that they focus on their main task. kelvin.bronson@socom.mil
Steve Mannino THOR3 US Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School(SWCS) -training facility can house 5000-number of staff available is a weakness for training

-SPEAR: not user friendly enough

Seth Data Analyst -Dealing with Silos: Either SOCOM or USASOC commander could initiate changes for information sharing. stephen.m.mannino@socom.mil
Dan Gajewski SOCEP CPC US Army Special Operations Command(USASOC)

Special Warfare Education Group


-Event-based data tracking during an activity.-Find a way to relate data each other in real time.

-Come back to him after a few interviews.

Dan Sproles SOCEP CPC US Army JFK Special Warfare Center and School(SWCS) -Limitations: soldier to coach ratio. (1:40 or even 1:200). Even new tech solutions need to work with scale.-Scaling of coaches will likely take more time, extra strain on coaches in the beginning. DANIEL.J.SPROLES.ctr@socom.mil

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