How can I join the UPB?

A new publication first must seek new group recognition through SOFC. Follow the procedure outlined here.

Once a publication is SOFC-recognized, its editors can email the UPB Chair ( to set up a meeting to become members of the UPB.

After approved by the Chair, UPB members are eligible to apply for funding from the Bassett Fund, which meets regularly to grant funding to new publications. Contact the Bassett Fund Chair to set up a meeting.

Once the publication has printed once, it is considered part of the UPB. Its members are UPB board members and are therefore expected to serve on committees within UPB. The publication may also use the official UPB racks to distribute issues.

At the end of the year when its time for annual budgeting, the new publication will submit an SOFC budget application to the Chair. The Chair will review and compile all publications’ budgets and submit a composite application for funding to the SOFC.