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Women’s Health Physical Therapy Residency Program

Our Mission

The mission of Duke’s Women’s Health Physical Therapist Residency is to prepare residents to provide excellent clinical care in the areas of pelvic floor dysfunction, care of the pregnant/post-partum patient, women’s oncology and lymphedema, bone health, gender medicine, and care of the female athlete.

What Makes Our Program Unique

The resident will be employed as a staff physical therapist in the Department of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Duke University, and they will be expected to provide clinical coverage for 30 hours per week. This includes a women’s health caseload and is non-mentored time. 

In addition to the 30 hours, the resident will spend approximately 12-16 hours each week in mentored time with faculty of the residency program. Some examples of mentoring time include review of didactic modules, patient care collaboration, surgical observations and introduction to clinical research.
Highlights of Our Program

Our residency program was the first accredited women’s health residency program in the country. We are committed to providing our residents with a comprehensive and collaborative residency experience. Our residents are provided a wide range of learning experiences. Clinically, you will gain experience working with mentors to treat all diagnoses highlighted in the women’s health physical therapist description of specialty practice (DSP).

Other learning experiences you will have at Duke include participation in Duke’s DPT Women’s Health elective, teaching community lectures, attendance at the Duke Women’s Health lecture series, observation of OB/GYN clinics and surgeries, and participation in relevant state and national professional meetings.

How to Apply

Anyone with a strong desire to work in women’s health physical therapy should apply. Completion of a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation course (Level 1 at minimum) is required. It is also encouraged that all applicants have had at least some exposure to women’s health physical therapy.

Applications open October 1st, 2023. Interested individuals can fill out an application via RF-PTCAS to apply.  All applications for the 2024 – 2025 residency are due by December 1, 2023.

Financial Information

Click here to see the ABPTRFE Program Financial Fact Sheet for this program.