Vehicle Modification / Training

Our goal is to enable clients to safely operate a motor vehicle.  A client may be in need of an adaptive driving set up due to physical limitations from an injury or illness.  The Duke Driving Program will make recommendations for vehicle modifications to enable a person to safely operate a motor vehicle.
An evaluation of current physical status and recommendations for adaptive equipment are discussed during the clinical driving evaluation.  Recommendations for hand and steering controls, left foot accelerators, adapted secondary controls (turn indicators, windshield wipers) and seating are based on individuals needs.  We work closely with a certified driving instructor as well as local vehicle modification vendors to identify the best set up to enable you to drive.
The behind the wheel training can be performed in an adapted car or van.  Driver training is performed by a certified driving instructor with the recommended equipment.  This training is required prior to installation of equipment in your own vehicle.  Once the equipment is installed in your vehicle, you must participate in a NC DMV road test.

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