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Sports Medicine

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Our services include:

  • Sports Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation
    • Athletes at all levels and age groups
    • Active individuals of all age groups
    • Pre-operative, Operative, and Non-operative care
    • Biomechanical assessment of individual functional needs including gait (running/walking), sport and work activities


  • General Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
    • Particular emphasis on knee, shoulder, elbow, and ankle injuries
    • Overuse, degenerative, acute injury, post-operative, non-operative care


  • Specialized Equipment
    • Isokinetic training and testing apparatus
    • Unweighting device for progressive loading/unloading lower extremities during gait and exercise
    • Hyperspeed treadmill
    • Plyometric training
    • Full complement of isotonic weight machines and ergometers


  • Aquatic Rehabilitation
    • Therapeutic heated pool with individualized instruction and progression of rehabilitative programs


  • Women’s Health Sports Medicine
    • Focus on care and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in the female athlete
    • Focus on the female athlete and her unique needs