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Energy Conservation

What is energy conservation? Energy conservation refers to the way activities are done to minimize muscle fatigue, joint stress, and pain. By using your body efficiently and doing things in a sequential way, you can save your energy. Work Simplification and Energy Conservation principles will allow you to remain independent and be less frustrated by your illness when the energy you have lasts throughout the day.

Energy Conservation Principles and Techniques

  • Planning ahead
  • Prioritize your work.
  • Analyze the work to be done.
  • Eliminate all unnecessary steps.
  • Combine tasks or activities.
  • Consider making changes to tasks or activity.
Balance Rest and Activity
  • Frequent short rests are of more benefit than fewer longer ones.
  • The amount of rest you need and the amount of activity you can do will vary day to day.
  • Plan your work so difficult tasks are done during your best time of day and are distributed throughout the week..
  • Avoid activities which cannot be stopped immediately if they become too stressful.
  • Rest before you tire.
  • Plan a balance of work, recreation, exercise, and rest.
  • If possible, lie down to rest.
  • Practice breathing techniques.
Work Simplification
  • Cancel tasks that are not really necessary.
  • Delegate responsibilities to others.
  • Simplify your methods of work .
  • Sit to work whenever possible.
  • Adjust height of work surfaces to allow for good posture.
  • Use equipment when necessary to conserve energy.
  • Avoid prolong exposure to moist heat.