Lower Body Dressing

Lower body dressing can be challenging for individuals with weakness, decreased coordination, or limited reach. Several pieces of adaptive equipment may provide assistance. View the video for a demonstration of a sock aid, shoe horn, reacher, long shoe horn, and elastic shoelaces.

Upper Body Dressing

Buttons and zippers are the most challenging aspects of dressing the upper body. A button hook assists with pulling a button through its hole. To appropriately use a button hook, insert the wire through the button hole (from the top of the shirt), hook the button, then pull the button hook and button through the hole. The Deluxe Pocket Dresser resembles the button hook but can conveniently fold and be carried in your pocket or purse. A zipper pull may be applied to zippers to create a loop. The zipper can be pulled by catching a finger through this loop. Plastic hooks are pictured, but zipper pulls may also be constructed from short pieces of leather or nylon.