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Additional Resources

AbleData provides information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment. This resource does not sell products but provides sources to obtain the equipment if desired.
Amazon is the one of the largest online retailers and has many pieces of assistive technology at reduced prices. Furthermore, amazon.com provides ratings and reviews of the equipment for sale.
Local Resources
Local retail stores offer many of the pieces of equipment discussed above. Large retail stores (i.e. Wal-Mart and Target) and pharmacies offer many pieces of durable medical equipment. Medical supply stores specialize in medical equipment and rehabilitation supplies. Finally, thrift stores and yard sales occasionally have medical equipment for sale. Used equipment can be cleaned with common detergents and is much less expensive than purchasing the equipment new.
North Carolina Assistive Technology Programwww.ncatp.org
The Assistive Technology Program provides resources to identify appropriate assistive technology for residents of North Carolina. Training is available for complex equipment and devices may be loaned before an individual commits to purchasing the device from a retail agency. Furthermore, the NCATP offers an exchange post. The exchange post provides a forum for individuals to purchase and sell used adaptive equipment. The items for sale vary daily and range from accessible cars to toilet seats.
Patterson Medicalpattersonmedical.com
This is an extensive catalogue featuring the products discussed on this webpage. An occupational therapist can assist with narrowing the large selection of items available and ensuring that you obtain the most appropriate equipment for your needs.