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Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program

Our Mission

Our mission at Duke’s Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency is to provide an in-depth experience in the management of orthopedic conditions across the continuum of care.

What Makes Our Program Unique

The Duke Orthopaedic Residency is also unique in that it provides education in both outpatient and inpatient acute care settings. While most orthopedic residencies focus on the outpatient setting, we believe that learning how orthopedic conditions are managed acutely is important in framing your clinical decision-making once patients reach the outpatient setting. As such, your orthopedic residency at Duke will include six months in outpatient and six months in the acute care setting.

Highlights of Our Program

With Duke’s Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency, you have access to a wealth of knowledge through our many experienced mentors. You’ll gain firsthand knowledge from mentors that specialize in areas across the scope of orthopedics including manual therapy, acute care, sports, post-op, arthritis and spine.

Other learning opportunities you will receive at Duke include attending sports and orthopedic grand rounds, reviewing journal articles, observing surgery, interacting with fellow residents in fellows in sports and manual therapy, lecturing and acting as an academic TA to DPT students.

How to Apply

Anyone with a strong desire to work in orthopedic physical therapy should apply.

Applications open October 1st, 2024. Interested individuals can fill out an application via RF-PTCAS to apply.  All applications for the 2025 – 2026 residency are due by December 2, 2024.

Financial Information

Click here to see the ABPTRFE Program Financial Fact Sheet for this program.