Course FAQs


Will Psych 101 be in-person this Fall?

Yes! Psych 101 is scheduled and planned to be back in-person on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1:15. Sections will be offered in-person and attendance will be required.



It says I’m on the waitlist, but there are clearly seats in the class. What is going on?

Each semester, we do reserve a certain amount of seats for first-year and sophomore students, because the course is designed to be especially beneficial to those groups and it is important that potential psychology majors are able to enroll in the course.  If you see available seats but cannot enroll, then that  means some seats have been reserved.


I’m an incoming first-year and can’t join a waitlist. Is there anything I can do?

First-years are not permitted to join waitlists until their add/drop period begins on August 18th. Until then, we suggest checking periodically. If another first-year drops, there will be an available space that can only be taken by another first-year. If there are still no spots before August 18th, be sure to join a waitlist that works with your schedule, the shorter the waitlist, the better (see more on waitlists below).


I’m currently on the waitlist. What are my chances of getting into the class?

We see a lot of movement on the waitlist before the semester begins, and continue to see movement in the first weeks of the semester. If you are within the first few on the waitlist for a given section, then there is a good chance you will get in to the class.


Can you just give me a permission number to enroll?

We do not grant any permission numbers until the waitlists dissolve (end of second week of the semester), at which point we reach out to previously waitlisted students with a survey to determine if any students urgently need the class that semester.  We prioritize permission numbers students based on waitlist position, class need (e.g., if you are a graduating senior who needs this course to graduate), and schedule flexibility (e.g., if there is a section spot open but you are unable to take this section due to your schedule, we’ll move down the line to the next person). In our experience,  students who really need the class in a given semester end up being able to take it.


I’m confused about the lecture waitlist versus the section waitlist. What is the difference?

Enrollment really happens through the sections rather than lecture. Your section waitlist number is the one that determines how quickly you can enroll in the course. In general, we ignore the lecture waitlist number.


Can’t you just increase the size of the sections?

Our section sizes are constrained by 1) strict rules about how many students can fit in a given classroom (for in-person sections),  2) the need to keep the grading load manageable for the teaching fellows, and 3) our desire to make sections an intimate learning community. Sometimes we can add more seats, but not always. If we can add seats, we will let you know.


How can I increase my odds of getting in?

Some section times are more popular than others. The shorter the waitlist you join, the better your chances. In general, earlier morning sections and evening sections tend to show faster waitlist movement.



Once you are enrolled in a section, you may be able to switch, but you need to do so with caution so that you don’t accidentally get dropped from the class! At the start of each semester, our class is often completely full with waitlists for every section. Sometimes, a spot appears to be “open” in another section simply because a student on the waitlist hasn’t been moved into the class yet. Sometimes, eager students drop their current section hoping to enroll in what they think is an open space, but that is actually reserved for a waitlisted student. And then the student can’t get back into the class. If you want to move to a different section, you can add yourself to the waitlist for another—but you won’t be enrolled in that section unless you have dropped the other section first, and this is a little risky. If you want to take this route, we recommend you add yourself to the other waitlist and monitor carefully. If the only reason you want to move sections is for convenience, we strongly encourage you to stay put and save yourself time and energy. Students will be moving in off the waitlist through the end of the first week of class. After the first week, waitlists are purged and enrollment codes are required for registration in any section—we prioritize these to students who were previously waitlisted.


Who will teach the class next Fall semester?

Dr. Bridgette Hard is currently scheduled to teach the class every semester for the next few years.


Other questions about enrollment? Email