Karla Sosa

Karla Sosa, Ph.D. student


Room 348 Biological Sciences
Department of Biology
Duke University, 
Box 90338
Durham NC 27708

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I am broadly interested in the Andes as a region, especially how diversification and evolution have occurred in the dry Inter-Andean valleys. I’m keen on understanding biogeographical patterns and the effects that varied reproductive strategies (polyploidy, apomixis, various levels of selfing) have had on diversification.


Duke University, Department of Biology, Durham, NC

PhD Student in Biology (2015–present)                      

Columbia University, Columbia College, New York, NY                    

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Biology, Dean’s List (2009-2013)     

Honors Thesis: Androecium Evolution in the Melastomeae (Melastomataceae).
Major Professor: Fabián A. Michelangeli. Co-Advisor: Matthew Palmer.


Goldenberg, R., F. Almeda, K. Sosa, R. C. Ribeiro & F. A. Michelangeli. 2015.  Rupestrea: A new Brazilian genus of Melastomataceae, with anomalous seeds and dry indehiscent fruits. Systematic Botany 40: 561–571.

Michelangeli, F. A., W. Carmenate Reyes & K. Sosa. 2015. A revision of Meriania (Melastomataceae) in the Greater Antilles with emphasis on the status of the Cuban species. Brittonia 67: 118–137.

Michelangeli, F. A., C. Ulloa Ulloa & K. Sosa. 2014. Quipuanthus, a New Genus of Melastomataceae from the Foothills of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru. Systematic Botany 39: 533–540.