Ariana Eily

Ariana Eily, Ph.D. Candidate

Ph.D. Candidate
Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC
Dissertation Topic:
Insider Trading: understanding the molecular mechanisms of nutrient exchange in the Azolla-Nostoc symbiosis
Dr. Kathleen Pryer
A.B. with Honors, magna cum laude
Biology, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL
Honors Project:
Investigating the developmental and temporal control of digestive enzyme synthesis of the carnivorous pitcher plant, Nepenthes ventricosa
Dr. Paul T. Stephenson

Research Interests

I am a 6th year PhD candidate in the Biology department, and Cell and Molecular Biology program. I grew up in tiny Chuluota, Florida, and graduated with my A.B. from Rollins College. My work there focused on the developmental and temporal regulation of digestive enzyme synthesis in the carnivorous pitcher plant, Nepenthes ventricosa (weird, I know). Born to a dad who played football at Duke, I was primed to be a Dukie my whole life! Here, I am excitedly working on uncovering the mechanisms of nutrient exchange in the intricate symbiosis between the small aquatic fern, Azolla, and its obligate N2-fixing cyanobacterium, Nostoc azollae. Outside lab, I am an avid yogini and baker, budding improviser, and pet lover!