PRUV Fellowships

When a degree from a major university is just not enough

Usually mid May through June (may be adjusted)

  • Participate in a 6 weeks research mentorship in mathematics.
  • Collaborate with graduate students and post docs in a field of interest to you.
  • Share the experiences of undergraduates with similar goals and interests.
  • Continue your project in your senior year in independent studies courses with the goal of Graduation with Distinction.
  • Develop contacts with potential employers.

Each year, up to 8 undergraduate math majors with a sincere desire, background and ability to carry out research in mathematical sciences will be selected to be PRUV Fellows. These students will receive stipends for six weeks during the summer for intensive research on a project leading to Graduation with Distinction in Mathematics.

Interested math majors should apply in the fall of their junior year.  Advanced sophomores with an interest in mathematical research are also encouraged to apply. The program is open to international students. Late applications may, on occasion, be accepted.

In consultation with the PRUV Director, qualified applicants will be paired with a mentor in the mathematics or a related department who will suggest a project for the research. The mentor may assign background reading and recommend courses to take in preparation for the six week research.

During the intensive summer session, Fellows are expected to make substantial advances in their research in collaboration with their mentor.  They are to send updates on their research activities each week to their mentor and the Director and a more substantial research report before the start of fall classes.

Fellows should take Research Independent Study with their mentor in the fall and/or spring semester following their intensive research experience.  During this time, Fellows are expected to polish and extend their research results and write up their honors thesis.  A complete draft of the thesis should be sent to the mentor and director by April 1 of the senior year.

A thesis committee consisting of the mentor, the Director and another mathematics instructor will offer advice to the Fellow to improve the final thesis. Fellows will give a talk on their thesis to the Duke mathematical community and will submit the final version of their thesis before the end of classes in the spring term.  The committee will decide whether the honors thesis merits Graduation with Distinction in Mathematics.

Previous PRUV Fellows

Previous Graduation with Distinction in Mathematics theses

*PRUV (Program for Research by Undergraduates under VIGRE) was originally funded by the Duke NSF VIGRE grant in 2000.  It is currently supported by Trinity College and occasional NSF grants.   The acronym now stands for Program for Research by Undergraduates with Vigor