Free Services

All services are free regardless of income and insurance status.

Intensive Case Management
The case manager can help with needs like job training, housing, medical care, legal concerns, and more based on your needs and goals.
Peer Support
People with similar experiences can provide knowledge, experience, and emotional, social, or practical help.
Substance Use Counseling
The harm reduction approach aims to reduce potential negative outcomes of alcohol and/or drug use by meeting you where you are and supporting your goals.
Mental Health Counseling
Promote mental and emotional wellness.
Trauma Programming
Safety, support, empowerment, healing.
LGBTQ+ Specific Treatment
Safe, affirming, and inclusive services and environment.
Linkage to Medical Care and Other Services
Linkage to housing, medical care, legal services, job training, and more based on your goals.
Medical and Legal System Navigation
Support making appointments, filling out paperwork, meeting with medical providers and/or legal representatives, and more based on your needs and goals.