Monitoring and Controlling the Project

Rather than a being contained within a discrete project phase, the activities involved in monitoring and controlling a project are performed throughout the project. Monitoring and controlling focuses on keeping the project within scope (or managing approved changes to it), on schedule, and within budget.

Key activities:

  • Monitor/control project work (track activities and tasks required to produce deliverables)
  • Verify/control scope (ensure project work is in scope, and raise any issues of “scope creep” to sponsors)
  • Control schedule (be aware of the project schedule and any slippages that might affect deliverables or outcomes)
  • Control costs (monitor spending related to the project; report expenditures to project sponsors)
  • Control quality (engage the SRB at the appropriate project stages to ensure production readiness)
  • Report performance (report progress, issues, and upcoming activities to the team and sponsors no less frequently than monthly)
  • Monitor/control risks (be vigilant of issues that pose a risk to project success; engage the team in identifying risks throughout the project and adopt mitigation strategies)