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Why I Would be Broke Living in Cusco

I was walking back form a haircut with a to-go coffee from La Bondiet in hand, and sipping very carefully from the top. I’m well aware at this point that the to-go lids here simply do not function. They don’t. … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Spill that Acid

I want to write about what it feels like to be a volunteer at Pukllasunchis. Today I led an experiment for two 6th grade classes about comparing the nitrogen and phosphorous concentrations in water samples collected from 3 sources: a … Continue reading

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Uros and Tourism

I’m on a DukeEngage program focusing on indigeous rights, avocacy, and support in Cusco, a city infested with tourists sporting expensive camera’s and bucket hat’s primed for a trek to Machu Picchu. The narrow streets in Cusco are lined with … Continue reading

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I’m currently sitting in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, after clearing security and checking my bag in an unprecedented 15 minutes. Thank you to my intensely prepared mother for allowing me time to blog, wander the terminal, catch up on every … Continue reading

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