Day 62: July 20

It is 10:13 PM in Cusco.

Today I took my usual morning routine and headed over to the Urcos bus stop. There, Melanie negotiated with the mean conductor and got us safely over to Huacarpay (for the last time on those buses, thank goodness). When we arrived, the kids were practicing their marching as usual for the parade on Friday. Melanie and I then got to work finishing the paint job on the storage shed. Today’s task was to fill the holes with blue paint. We tried our best and got most of them, and it ended up looking pretty good. This marked the end of our paint job at Huacarpay. We felt good. It was rewarding, and the school now looks really good. Unfortunately, while we were painting, Nayeli, the youngest girl, escaped from class and ran off out of the school. I went to go get her. Nayeli likes when I pick her up and carry her, so I told her that I would carry her back to the school if she agreed to come back. If she didn’t, I would never carry her again. So she agreed, and I was pleased with how that potentially bad situation went.

After snack, Roy Abel suggested that we break out the new soccer ball that I brought the kids today. I think Roy Abel particularly enjoyed the ball. We played one-on-one (I won, as usual, 5-3). The other boys then came along and enjoyed playing with the ball. I think they all liked it. I was glad I brought it to them. After recess, Melanie and I helped with setting up for Achievement Day, where the kids showcase the work they have been doing in school. I glued signs together while Melanie made replicas of the Peruvian flag. By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted. The water repairman came over and (hopefully) fixed the water problem as well.

After lunch (chaufa, which was delicious), Luis and Daniela decided to do a quick home operation on Pepa, who had a mouth infection, and they let me watch. They anesthetized her and opened her mouth, which was bleeding and clearly showing signs of infection. Unfortunately, Pepa did not like this and was barking and crying the whole time. They cleaned out her mouth and found that some broken baby teeth were to blame for the problem. She really didn’t like the operation (and neither did Marianela), but Pepa has been a lot more quiet since the operation and will hopefully get better. She really didn’t enjoy the operation, though.

I then went on a run. I was so exhausted from the day that I didn’t quite finish, so I bought a Gatorade and came home to eat some dinner and to relax for the night. Simba, as I have named him (the dog that Daniela brought home last night), is still here. His new owner was supposed to come pick him up today but hasn’t done so. Hopefully he will be gone tomorrow, for Baruna doesn’t like him and attacks him constantly (I don’t really blame Baruna either. Simba isn’t very nice.). Tomorrow is my last day at Huacarpay, and I am being picked up at 7:30 AM in front of the grocery store by an SIT office member, who has the uniforms. It should be a good yet sad farewell. I’ll miss the kids.

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Davis Lovvorn is a senior at Duke University from Nashville, TN. He will be a corps member for Teach for America in Charlotte, NC after he graduates in May 2018. An avid sports fan, Davis is a member of the Duke University Marching and Pep Band, where he religiously follows Duke's basketball and football teams. He is also a social media administrator for Wolves USA, the American supporters group for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
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3 Responses to Day 62: July 20

  1. Belle Toren says:

    It is good to hear the uniform are in prior to your departure from Huacarpay. In a way the uniforms will symbolize a climax to your volunteer experience. After all your favorable comments on Peruvian cuisine, I am looking forward to trying out the tastes of Bolivia in a few months. I also will enjoy comparing your Cusco experiences with Bolivia, albeit I will be more of a traveler than volunteer. Thank you for your daily blogs.

  2. Noel Bearden says:

    Thank you for your blogs … You have given us an insight into Pervuian life
    that we could never have gotten anywhere else … you are the best !!!!!
    I Love you !! Noelly

  3. Suzanne Lovvorn says:

    You have left your legacy! Huacarpay is a more beautiful place now and I am sure those precious children will never forget you! God is good!
    Dad and I are super proud of your sacrifice and hard work! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!
    Safe travels! We love you!

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