Day 61: July 19

It is 10:08 PM in Cusco. I’m chilling with Baruna and a new dog that Daniela just rescued (he’ll have a new home soon). I’m having a contest for the name so we can give him (a male) a temporary name – comment what you think his name should be!

Today I woke up, ate my normal breakfast, and headed over to the Urcos bus top. Unfortunately, as Melanie and I shortly found out, our least favorite conductor was there getting ready to leave. So Melanie went over to him and asked if he could drop us off at Capilla. He said no, as he does sometimes. So we tried a new strategy. We said we wouldn’t ride with him and said we’d take the next bus. He finally relented and let us get dropped off at Capilla. We arrived in the middle of the parade practice, and we were told to move all of the stuff from Norma’s room into another room. We moved heavy dressers and loads of books for a while. Then, we had a new task: to put freshly mixed drywall on the storage shed. Unfortunately, no one knew how to mix it. We tried our best, but the drywall did not stick at all. Melanie kept trying to get it to stick as I painted the already-placed drywall from a few days ago. I have to give credit to her for trying, but it just didn’t work in the least (as I kept telling her as she kept trying in vain). So we just painted some parts of the storage shed. We really don’t have much left to do there. We’re wrapping it up. Just two days left there. When we left, we truly hitchhiked home; a very kind tourist service bus driver picked us up. It went well.

When I returned home, I learned that Marianela was not feeling well at all. She kindly left me a good lunch of chicken patties and a vegetable salad. Daniela then brought home the dog (who has been fighting Baruna over some bones, and unfortunately I just got caught in the crossfire). The dog was dirty but very sweet. As Daniela gave him a much-needed bath, I went to the mall to buy a soccer ball for the kids at Huacarpay. I bought the cheapest one I could find (25 soles was the price, an absolute steal), but it is in great shape and should last a while. I’ll bring it to them tomorrow.

I went on a run, bought a Gatorade, and returned home to a pizza dinner brought by Daniela. Marianela (who is now feeling a little better) presented me with some hand-knitted socks that she made for me. They are very warm. I’m enjoying them right now. I’ve really appreciated all that my host family has done for me.

Tomorrow I go back to Huacarpay to work. Two work days left. I have to finish strong!

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Davis Lovvorn is a senior at Duke University from Nashville, TN. He will be a corps member for Teach for America in Charlotte, NC after he graduates in May 2018. An avid sports fan, Davis is a member of the Duke University Marching and Pep Band, where he religiously follows Duke's basketball and football teams. He is also a social media administrator for Wolves USA, the American supporters group for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
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