Day 59: July 17

It is 10:13 PM in Cusco. I’ve been chilling with Baruna and watching some Wolves highlights tonight.

Today I woke up to a nice loud scratching and whining at my door. Guess who wanted to come in? It was none other than the loyal Baruna, who has left a mess of hair on my floor. I let him in and ate my normal breakfast. Marianela was feeling awful today. She had a sore throat and a cold. She was bedridden all day but she told me a few minutes ago that she is starting to feel better. I hope I don’t catch anything.

After a relaxing morning, I decided to go on my mid-day run. As I passed a certain house, I noticed it was decorated with huge bouquets of flowers. I found out that the person at that house had died. The house was absolutely covered in flowers. It was a sight to see. After my Gatorade and yogurt run at Orion, I returned home. Since Marianela couldn’t cook today because of her illness, Daniela bought me some KFC. It was unbelievable. I had three big pieces of fried chicken and some fries. Baruna lucked out and got my chicken bones. I was very happy. I felt stuffed after that meal. Delicious.

After an afternoon of reading my book, I Facebook called my parents. They’re doing well and gave me the good news that Fritz is improving. I’m very glad to hear that. It’ll give me a nice boost for the week. We got our airport plans pretty much settled. During this conversation, Daniela’s friends from the wedding, including Dalfi, who once lived in Canada and befriended the Canadian kids who left a few days ago, came over. They got to see first-hand the WWE SmackDown battle that commences each day between Baruna and Pepa. Although Baruna dominates these fights, Pepa keeps re-opening Baruna’s cheek wound. I would think he would stop fighting her to let that wound heal, but I guess he just has to remind everyone (Draco included) who the alpha-male is in the house. Daniela once again came in the clutch and got me some pizza for dinner. I’ll miss her.

Tomorrow I go back to Huacarpay to start my last week of work. Melanie and I have some painting to do and should (hopefully this time) be finished after tomorrow with the paint. I have to close out strong and work hard for these kids. I’ll miss them, so I have to make sure that I show my appreciation for them by working my butt off for the next four days.

About Davis Lovvorn

Davis Lovvorn is a senior at Duke University from Nashville, TN. He will be a corps member for Teach for America in Charlotte, NC after he graduates in May 2018. An avid sports fan, Davis is a member of the Duke University Marching and Pep Band, where he religiously follows Duke's basketball and football teams. He is also a social media administrator for Wolves USA, the American supporters group for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
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2 Responses to Day 59: July 17

  1. Nan and Pop says:

    Hope you will have photos of the before and after of all of the work you and Melanie have done. Am sure everyone is so grateful for the change and clean up and the time spent with the kids. Job well done. Can’t wait to see you!!!! xoxo

  2. Noel Bearden says:

    Once again , please , come home with lots of pictures of the houses ,
    dogs , people , landscape , etc . Inspire everyone as you leave … I am
    sure they will miss you ! More than you can imagine … You have had
    a strong impact on their lives … we’re very proud of you !!!!
    Love you bunches and bunches , Noelly

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