A Birthday Party

When I walking into Amantaní at 4 PM last Wednesday, I walked into a room full of balloons, a piñata, and sweets. In the center of the food table I saw a cake with the words “Amor para Adrianito” (Love for Little Adrian). When I walked upstairs, I saw the kids dressed up in the most handsome suits and the most beautiful dresses. The little girls’ hair was intricately braded and it looked like it took a significant amount of time and effort. When everyone was ready and we all went downstairs, music was put on and the kids started dancing. Lupe soon entered and the kids were excited to dance with her, as Adrian’s new parents were happy to walk around serving food and juice. As I watched the kids dance, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much effort had gone into this party which not only celebrated Adrian’s adoption but also kids with July birthdays. I was in awe of the attention to detail as well as how happy all of the volunteers and employees were in those moments. All of the smiles in the room were shining for Adrian and for the beauty of adoption but also for how much joy a birthday party brings to fifteen kids between two and five. Unfortunately, it is impossible for these kids to get to go to a party everyday or every week or even every month. However, I think that’s what made Wednesday so special for every single person in that room.

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  1. Belle Toren says:

    The love and dedication to these children by Amantaní staff are evident by your description of the party. Thanks for sharing this event with the readers.

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