Day 43: July 1

It is 9:58 PM in Cusco. I’ve been watching some Hell’s Kitchen and relaxing. Today has been a nice, calm day.

In the middle of the night last night, it was freezing. Ridiculously cold. I did something I have never done before in my life; I, who love to sleep in cool to cold temperatures, grabbed my warm North Face jacket so I could feel warmer. I went right back to sleep (though fitfully; it was freezing) and then woke up relatively late to my usual breakfast. This morning, I had play time with Baruna as we wrestled while I watched some Alabama football highlights on my computer and analyzed the NHL and NBA free agency news, including the good news of Mike Conley’s return to the Grizzlies and the addition of Chandler Parsons to a max contract. I also analyzed the very interesting situation that is developing at Wolves. There are strong rumors that Wolves are about to be bought by China’s 7th richest man, and their manager, Kenny Jackett (whom I love) will be fired and replaced by the former Porto manager Julen Lopetegui. If true, it will be positive change, but I hope they treat Jackett with respect, as he saved the club from disaster a few years ago. After this, I went on a basic run but noticed I was a little sluggish. I bought my usual Gatorade and then returned back to a delicious lunch of soup and a potato-spinach cake that reminded me of a latke. It was really good. After talking to Marianela about how I almost never get sick to my stomach, I ran to the bathroom, where I experienced my second spout of Moctezuma’s revenge this trip. I ended up going to the bathroom three times today, never truly satisfied after each session. It’s not fun. Looks like I’ll be spending a few days on the toilet. I just took some medicine about 15 minutes ago, so hopefully I can resolve this situation.

After lunch, I watched Wales vs. Belgium. It was by far the most entertaining and positive match of the Euros. I’ve really fallen in love with this Welsh side. From all their players belting out their national anthem to a loud and loyal fan base, Wales play with pure passion. They fell behind 1-0 on a wonder strike from Nainggolan, but after Ashley Williams equalized off a corner, they never looked back, winning the game 3-1 on goals from Robson-Kanu and Vokes. They are incredible to watch. I think they will wreck Portugal, even with a suspended Aaron Ramsey (Dave Edwards of Wolves, Ramsey’s natural replacement, is more than capable of picking up the slack) and actually have a chance at winning the Euros. It is an amazing feat considering they haven’t been in a major tournament since 1958, let alone been to a semifinal. I love watching them play and can consider myself a fan of theirs.

For the rest of the night, I played with Baruna and watched some Hell’s Kitchen. It’s getting cold again, so my jacket will be put on soon. Tomorrow is more of the same: relaxing, along with watching Germany vs. Italy, the two best teams left in the Euros. It should be exciting.

About Davis Lovvorn

Davis Lovvorn is a senior at Duke University from Nashville, TN. He will be a corps member for Teach for America in Charlotte, NC after he graduates in May 2018. An avid sports fan, Davis is a member of the Duke University Marching and Pep Band, where he religiously follows Duke's basketball and football teams. He is also a social media administrator for Wolves USA, the American supporters group for Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
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2 Responses to Day 43: July 1

  1. Belle Toren says:

    Given the high altitude of Cuzco and the arrival of winter in Peru, it is not surprising that you had to deal with colder evenings. Top that off with an upset digestive system, not the most pleasant experience, but one that is often unavoidable when living abroad. Since you seemed to have ended your blog for today playing with Baruna and watching a television show, it seems like you managing to get through the day well. I never leave home without my Imodium.

  2. Noel Bearden says:

    Belle has good advice !
    Djokovic was ousted in the third round of Wimbledon by
    Sam Querrey from CA . Novak had won the past four Grand Slam
    tournaments . Sam was ranked No. 28 seed .
    Your analysis of so many sports is amazing!!
    We love you , Noelly and DG

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