Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty


Shi Tianjian

Tianjian Shi

  • In Memoriam
  • Political Science


  • Comparative Politics; Security, Peace, & Conflict
  • Political Institutions; Behavior & Identities


Research Summary

  • Asian Security Issues and Political Participation

Research Description

Associate Professor of Political Science, specializes in comparative politics with an emphasis on political culture and political participation in Chines politics. He is the author of Political Participation in Beijing (Harvard University Press, 1997). His research has appeared in World Politics, Daedalus and Asian Survey. His current research, funded by the National Science Foundation and Henry Luce Foundation, focuses on political culture and political participation in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The research surveyed political behavior of people living in the same cultural area but different regimes. He will use the data gathered from these areas to examine the relative weight of cultural and institutional factors in explaining people’s political behavior.