About Me

I am a political science PhD candidate at Duke University. My concentrations are security, peace and conflict (international relations) and political institutions (comparative politics).

My research interests include peacebuilding, peacekeeping, community dispute resolution and gender and conflict. The primary question that my work focuses on is under what conditions can a quality peace can be attained and maintained. I am especially concerned with power relations as they pertain to achieving peace. My dissertation focuses on the conditional effects of community dispute resolution structures for international peacebuilding efficacy.

I am currently a pre-doctoral research fellow at Cornell University for the Gender and the Security Sector Lab. At Cornell I work on the ELSIE Initiative, a project which seeks to understand the barriers to the involvement of women in UN peace operations.

As an undergraduate student I was an American Political Science Association Ralph Bunche Summer Institution (RBSI) Scholar. While in graduate school I have been involved in RBSI as a staff member as well. If you have questions about applying to graduate school, please feel free to email me, especially if you are a woman, person of color, or a first-generation student.

I am originally from the Los Angeles area. My laptop is filled with stickers, akin to how skateboard decks looked when I was a little kid. I travel quite a bit and while I travel, I love taking photos of murals that I come across.