Sample Coursework

** Organized by year of matriculation in PT school from earliest at the bottom to most recent at the top.

Elizabeth Farmer ’22, Duke DPT ’25 (B.S. in Biology)

Hannah Zhao ’21, Duke DPT ’25 (B.A. in Evolutionary Anthropology)

Michael Buckmire ’21, Emory DPT ’25 (B.S. in Biology)

Wes Pritzlaff ’20, Duke DPT ’24 (B.S. in Neuroscience)

Cindy Pan ’20, Duke DPT ’23 (BS in Bio- transferred from BME)

Ana-Clara Caldwell ’18, UNC DPT ’21 (B.A. in Psychology and Spanish)

Michelle Roberts ’16, Duke DPT ’19 (B.S. in Ev Anth)

Ben Ramger ’16, Duke DPT ’19 (Neuroscience)

Malia Budd ’16, University of Delaware DPT ’18 (B.S. in Ev Anth)

Jasmine Cross ’13, Duke DPT ’18 (Ev Anth)

Rebecca Pham ’14, MGH Institute of Health Professions DPT ’17 (B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Dance)

Dak Adamson ’12, Duke DPT ’17 (B.A. in Ev Anth)

Anthony Evans ’14, Duke DPT ’17 (B.A. in Neuroscience)

Michelle Anumba ’13, Duke DPT ’16 (Ev Anth)

Claire Ober McCormick ’12, Duke DPT ’15 (B.S. in Neuroscience)

Leigh Welsh ’09, Duke DPT ’14

Annie Keener ’11, Emory DPT ’14

Tassy Rufai ’04, Duke DPT ’12

Lauren Gonzalez Williams ’09, Duke DPT ’12 (B.S. in Psychology)

Laura Stanley ’06, Duke DPT ’10 (B.S. in Psychology)

Julie Granger Jessee ’06, Emory DPT ’09 (B.S. in Psychology)

Kari Karcher Smith ’03, Miami DPT ’08 (Biology and French)

Rosie Canizares ’04, Duke DPT ’07 (B.A. in Ev Anth)

Michele Matteo Strauss ’01, Wash-U DPT ’04 (B.S. in Psychology)