PT Student Panel

Hello, pre-PT students!

This Wednesday October 24th, the Pre-PT Association will be hosting a Speed-Dating with PT Students event at 6pm in BioSci 130.

At our meeting this week, you will have the opportunity to talk to current PT students one on one, ask questions, get advice, and gain insight about PT school! We will also be going over class recommendations that will help you with bookbagging, which starts on Monday, October 22nd. Below is a list of current PT students who will be in attendance.

  • AC Caldwell ’18, UNC DPT ’21
  • Anthony Nash ’16, Duke DPT ’21
  • Caroline Schanche ’16, Duke DPT ’21
  • Christine Striesel ’18, Duke DPT ’21
  • MaryEllen Targonski ’18, Duke DPT ’21
  • Ryan Kelly ’16, Duke DPT ’20
  • Ali Swiec ’16, Duke DPT ’20

We hope to see you there!

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