Sports Medicine Panel

Duke Pre-PT is hosting a Sports Medicine Panel tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29, at 7pm. It will be held in the K Center, Classroom 232. This is a great chance to hear from and talk to former Duke athletes who are now working in sports medicine! Some of the panelists include…
– Kendall Bradley — Soccer, Trinity Class of 2011, Duke MD Class of 2015, 1st-year orthopedic surgery resident
– Krista Gingrich — Basketball, Trinity Class of 2002, Duke PA Class of 2007, Senior PA at Duke’s Lenox Baker Children’s Hospital
– Rosie Canizares — Cheerleading, Trinity Class of 2004, Duke DPT Class of 2007, Clinician Educator at Duke DPT, Duke Student Health PT
Hope to see you there!

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