All paperwork required to apply to dental school is completed digitally through the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) sponsored “Associated American Dental School Application Service” (AADSAS). The AADSAS is a single standardized application that can be sent to any of the 60 participating U.S. dental schools as well as 1 participating Canadian dental school.  Instructions are straightforward, allowing you to enter in all of your personal information, academic and extracurricular achievements, DAT scores, recommendation and committee letters, and personal statement without much hassle.

No information submitted to AADSAS will be sent to an applicant’s designated dental schools until the application has been finalized, and once an applicant’s AADSAS has been completed it cannot be revised. Submitted applications are time-stamped with their time of completion, which will be used to determine the order of review by the admissions committees at each dental school. While AADSAS does require an applicant’s DAT scores, digital copies of his or her recommendation/committee letters, and hard copies of his or her official undergraduate/graduate transcripts, it does NOT need this information before accepting an application. DAT scores, recommendation/committee letters, and undergraduate/graduate transcripts can be sent to AADSAS after submission of the application and will be subsequently distributed to all dental schools designated by the applicant. However, dental school admissions committees will not deem an application complete until it receives all of the above information so don’t delay in having it all submitted!

Exact instructions on completing the AADSAS application can be found here.

AADSAS charges $235.00 for the first designated dental school that an applicant wishes to have an application sent to, and $75.00 for each subsequent dental school. A fee table estimating the cost of applying through AADSAS can be found below. Also, bear in mind that each dental school charges additional fees for accepting AADSAS applications and submission of supplemental applications ranging from $25.00-$75.00. The exact amount of each school’s supplemental application fees can be found on their respective websites.

AADSAS Application Processing Fee Table

Duke Pre-Dental Society “AADSAS and the Personal Statement” Powerpoint