Nothing could be more vital to the successful development new and effective pharmacological treatments than the study of pharmacokinetics (PK), or what the body does to a drug, and pharmacodynamics (PD), or what a drug does to the body.  For this reason, Duke’s PK/PD core is an indispensable resource Utilized by the PTRU in our collaborations with partners seeking to develop novel drug therapies.

The Duke PK/PD Core Lab provides state-of-the-art equipment and the comprehensive analysis and expertise necessary to help researchers with these and related areas of their projects. The benefits to the PTRU of having a dedicated PK/PD core at our disposal with vast expertise with proven experience in supporting projects from initial preclinical research to successful phase II clinical trials cannot be overstated. The PK/PD core offers comprehensive project support, which includes:

  • Design and execution of PK/PD preclinical experiments and Phase I/II clinical studies
  • Analysis of small molecules such as drugs, drug metabolites, physiological metabolites, and biomarkers (HPLC and LC/MS/MS)
  • PK/PD modeling and calculations.

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