Meatless Dish Ideas

Assorted cheese and crackers
Breads or baked goods
Chips and dip or salsa
DessertsFresh fruit or fruit salad
Pasta or lasagna
Seven-layer dip
Tofu or tempeh
Veggie tray with dip or hummus

*Types of Salads
Couscous   *   Garden with dressing  *  Mixed bean  *  Mixed greens with dressing  *  Orzo  *  Pasta  *  Roasted veggie

If you aren’t into cooking, you can always pick up something ready-made from a restaurant, deli or bakery.

Will be easiest to bring food things that can be served cold or at room temperature, but if you are bringing something served hot, please keep in mind that there are no kitchen facilities on the 3d floor of the Atrium so you’ll want to heat it before you come.

Meatless Monday is a vegetarian event, not vegan, so use of eggs and dairy products is acceptable.

Dishes should NOT include meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, or meat-based ingredients (like broth or stock).