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Engineering Master’s Programs Student Advisory Board

The Engineering Master’s Programs Student Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of students who represent the various engineering master’s programs and departments at the Pratt School of Engineering. SAB members are the voice for their engineering community, and provide school leadership with valuable insight by expressing the needs and ideas of our students. Using that feedback, they team with the Graduate Student Programs and Services staff to build a strong and vibrant engineering master’s programs community.

SAB members help plan professional, academic, networking, and social events. They also collaborate with other student leadership groups on University-wide issues.

The staff advisor to the Student Advisory Board is David Lee. Please email him with any questions.

Fall 2023 Leadership Team

Archit Kaila
Archit Kaila -- AIPI
Hrithihi Sriramulu -- BME
Isha Paranjape
Isha Paranjape -- BME
Josh Chan
Josh Chan -- BME
Julia Yang
Julia Yang -- ECE
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis -- FinTech
Mithil Bhuta2
Mithil Bhuta -- MEM
Prakhar Lohiya -- MEM
Reshmika Dhandapani2
Reshmika Dhandapani -- MEM
Sheevaani Metta resize
Sheevaani Metta -- Cybersecurity
Shreya Jalan
Shreya Jalan -- MEM
Aditya Dhull
Aditya Dhull -- MEM