Student Project Resources

Smart Home

Project Application


-Require the project be beneficial to a subset of people other than the project lead.

-Requires a project journal that is updated at least bi-weekly, preferably weekly and check in with me on a bi-weekly basis.


-Will supply funds to get started

-Server and project management (basecamp/dropbox/code repository) infrastructure that we provide to all smart home project teams.

-Will help projects establish relationships with Duke entities such as the library or parking and transportation services who may be implementing and funding the project on a large scale.


Engineering Alumni Council

The Duke Engineering Alumni Council provides funding to qualified engineering-based student project groups. The application submission deadline is Monday, October 18. Groups that meet the basic requirements criteria will be notified by Saturday, October 30 if they will be invited to present their request for funding in person at the EAC meeting on Saturday, November 13.

Download the EAC Student Project Funding Guidelines (PDF file) for more information. Email if you have questions.


Duke Student Government

DSG has a large budget and is able to allocate resources to particular projects. Student projects with benefits to the undergraduate population can get support from DSG.

People interested should contact an exec member or a senator