E-Social Sponsorship

Corporate E-Social Sponsorship

What are E-Socials?

  • Fun, informal informational/recruiting events on Friday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.
  • Great way to network with interested students in a casual setting over games, food, and drinks.


What are the logistics?

  • Companies are free to host however they wish.
  • Successful past events have included games or activities such as jeopardy or pub quizzes.
  • May host entire E-Social, be paired up with another company, or paired with one or several student groups
  • We will do our best to accommodate your wishes, but it may depend on the selected dates.


What is the cost of hosting?

  • Food for E-Social attendees. (Eg. Pizza, snacks, small sandwiches, etc.)
  • Typically enough for 150-250 attendees to have a small snack, not necessarily a full meal
  • ESG sponsors two kegs of beer at all events for attendees of age. Companies are welcome to help sponsor as well; it is greatly appreciated but by no means required.


How can you be involved?

  • Contact the Director of Industry Relations, Matthew Jaynes (matthew.jaynes@duke.edu).
  • Earlier contacts are more likely to receive their first choice dates.


ESG looks forward to working with you!