Constitution and Bylaws

The Bylaws of The Engineering Student Government


Mission of ESG: The mission of Engineering Student Government (ESG) is to represent the engineering student body in all matters related to the Pratt School of Engineering. ESG acts as a conduit between the administration and students, provides support to engineering clubs and societies, and works to create a social outlet for engineers throughout the academic year.


Article I. Election of Officers

Section 1. Voting

  1. The selection of ESG board members will be by popular election of the undergraduate engineering student body with the exception of the Executive President. Each student will be allowed one vote per position. For the class president positions, only students of that specific class may vote for their class president. These elections will be administered by the ESG Executive President.

  2. The Executive President shall be elected through an internal election by all members of the executive board prior to the general election. A plurality is needed to elect the Executive President.


Section 2. Procedure

  1. Announcement: Elections shall be announced and publicized to the entire Engineering undergraduate student body within the first month of the spring semester. ESG is reasonably responsible for informing all students of the elections.

  2. Freshmen Class President: Elections for freshmen class president will be held within the first month of class. The elections will be administered by the current sophomore class president.

  3. Candidate Meeting: ESG will hold a meeting after the announcement of elections for the candidates to ask questions about election rules and petitions. The ESG Executive President will set forth the election rules.

  4. Petitions Due: The election petitions are due no later than one week following the Candidates Meeting.

  5. Campaign Period: Campaigns will be conducted during the one to two week period following the receipt of election petitions.

  6. Elections: Elections will begin on the week following the campaign period. Results will be released no later than 24 hours after the polls close.

Article II. Duties and Powers of Officers

Section 1. General ESG Duties

  1. All elected officers are expected to be an integral part of the overall efforts of ESG and contribute to the fulfilment of ESG goals.

  2. All elected officers serve a three-semester term.

  3. During the spring term, the previous officers will serve an advisory role while working alongside the newly elected officers.

  4. All ESG officers must attend ESG meetings.

  5. All officers or elected ESG board members must be in charge of at least one substantial event or project during each semester of their term.

Section 2. President

  1. Shall call, set the agenda, and preside over the meetings of ESG.

  2. Shall be readily accessible to students, faculty, administration, and staff.

  3. Shall ensure that ESG’s activities include all engineering students and address social, academic, and service aspects of student life.

Section 3. Vice-President

  1. Shall assume all duties and powers of the President in his/her absence.

  2. Shall assist the President with any projects involving the administration or faculty members.

  3. Shall chair the Academic Action Committee (AAC) (see Article III) and report the status of AAC to the ESG board, while ensuring effective fulfilment of AAC’s mission and good connection with ESG.

Section 4. Secretary

  1. Shall record and distribute the minutes of all ESG meetings by email to the board.

  2. Shall keep a calendar of all ESG and ESG sponsored events.

  3. Shall maintain and publicly display all ESG contact information.

  4. Shall be responsible for publicizing and organizing the distribution of all ESG publicity. Publicity includes but is not limited to faculty invitations, the ESG social media, emails, and flyers.

  5. Shall coordinate and lead collaboration with Pratt student groups on student group E-Socials and other related ESG events.

Section 5. Treasurer

  1. Shall be responsible for all ESG finances.

  2. Shall report the financial status of ESG when necessary.

  3. Shall report a list of all expenditures at the end of each semester to ESG board members.

Section 6. Director of Communications and Technology

  1. Shall be responsible for ESG’s website and keeping the information on the website up to date.

  2. Shall aid the board regarding the use of technology such as managing online surveys.

  3. Selected via application (see Article V.)

Section 7. Director of Industry Relations

  1. Shall be responsible for recruiting and maintaining relationships with corporate sponsors for corporate E-Socials and other related ESG events.

Section 8. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  1. Shall be in charge of merchandise and products.

  2. Shall be responsible for maintaining Engineering Student Government’s brand.

Section 9. Class Presidents

  1. Shall act as a liaison between their class and ESG in all matters including but not limited to academic and social concerns.

  2. Shall be allotted a portion of the ESG budget to be utilized for their class in programming or other ESG sanctioned endeavors.

  3. The senior class president shall facilitate any alcohol during events.

Article III. Academic Commitment

Section 1.

ESG shall assign a committee (the Academic Action Committee) devoted to improving the academic condition of the student experience.

Article IV. Amendments

Section 1

These bylaws may be amended provided the proposed amendments are put to a vote with an approval of simple majority of the voting undergraduate engineering student body.

Article V. Positions through Application


  1. Position through Application – the actual position that a member would fill.
  2. Member through Application – the individual that fills a position. This position is available to all undergraduate student body members.

Section 1. Creation of Positions through Application

  1. A position shall be created that facilitates the ESG Mission through an individual’s leadership and expertise.
  2. The ESG Executive President is responsible for drafting a proposal containing an executive summary, responsibilities and goals. A simple majority of the board must be met to approve the position.

Section 2. Application Procedure

  1. Members shall be chosen through a standardized application and interview process. At the time of elections, positions shall be announced and publicized to the entire Engineering undergraduate student body.
  2. An application will be distributed alongside the announcement of the position. The said application must contain at least the following information:
    1. Experience in the relevant field, including any relevant attachments.
    2. Other extracurricular activities and responsibilities.
    3. Motivation for application to the board.
  3. The ESG Executive Board will review the applications and interview potential candidates. A simple majority must be reached to grant an applicant a non-voting, ad hoc position on the board.

Section 3. Responsibilities for Members through Application

  1. All selected members are expected to lead the effort on a project specified by the board; these projects must aim to better the Pratt community and align with the Mission of ESG as stated in these Bylaws. Their specific job description will be defined at the creation of the position and must be approved by a simple majority of the board.
  2. Members will serve a maximum term for one academic year. Only the process outlined in Article V Section 2.4 must be repeated to renew their membership.
  3. Application members are required to regularly update the ESG Executive Board on the status of their project(s).

Section 4. Termination for Members through Application

  1. If ad hoc members wish to terminate their status on the board at a time before the end of their term, they must notify the board and agree to stay in their position until either another individual is found to replace them or one month has passed.