Welcome new lab members Zihan Wang and Masashi Sada!


Congratulations to Taisuke Furusho for being award a postdoctoral fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science!


Congratulations to Poss lab members and collaborators, on their paper on tissue regeneration silencing elements published in Developmental Cell online today! Kazu Ando is the lead author.


Congratulations to Clay Becker, the Poss Lab’s latest PhD recipient!

Clay Becker defense 11272023


Congratulations to Mira Pronobis on accepting a faculty position at the University of Denver. The Poss Lab celebrated at Motorco:

Mira Pronobis’s celebration of her new position at University of Denver!


Congratulations to former Poss Lab postdoc Valentina Cigliola as lead author on her most recent paper now published in Nature Communications, “Spinal cord repair is modulated by the neurogenic factor Hb-egf under direction of a regeneration-associated enhancer


The Poss and DiTalia Lab would like to congratulate postdoctoral fellow Rocky Diegmiller on his recent Jane Coffin Childs Fellowship award. Congratulations Rocky!


The Poss Lab and DiTalia Lab would like to congratulate postdoctoral fellow Nitya Ramkumar on her NIH K01 award. Congratulations Nitya!


The Poss Lab spent a few days in the NC mountains for a lab retreat. Our first retreat in 7 years, but we will make this a tradition again!




The Poss Lab said farewell to Valentina Cigliola at Motorco before she departed for France to start her new lab at the University of Valrose, Nice.

Poss Lab Farewell for Valentina Cigliola at Motorco


Congratulations to Poss Lab on their newly published paper in Cell Stem Cell titledAn enhancer-based gene-therapy strategy for spatiotemporal control of cargoes during tissue repair“!




Congratulations to postdoc Valentina Cigliola, who will be starting her new independent lab at Institute of Biology Valrose, University of Cote d’Azur in Nice, France in 2023!!

Valentina Cigliola and Ken Poss
Valentina Cigliola and Ken Poss, August 2022


Congratulations to Fei Sun, our newest PhD recipient!!

Fei Sun hooding ceremony
Fei Sun, Hooding Ceremony, May 2022

Congratulations to postdoc Alessandro De Simone, for starting his new independent lab at Department of Genetics and Evolution at University of Geneva!!

Alessandro DeSimone, Ph.D.
Alessandro DeSimone, Assistant Professor, University of Geneva


Congratulations to postdoc Mira Pronobis, for receiving a Career Development Award from the American Heart Association!!
Mira carving her pumpkin
Mira Pronobis, Poss Lab fall outing 2021


Congratulations to John Thompson, PhD!

John Thompson and Ken Poss
John Dayland Thompson, Cell Biology. PhD Hooding Ceremony. 2021-09-25


Congratulations to Anzhi Chen, PhD!

Anzhi Chen and Ken Poss
Anzhi Chen, Cell Biology. PhD Hooding Ceremony. 2021-09-25




Big news!

We are thrilled to announce a new society promoting science for tissue regeneration. See writeup with Elly Tanaka in Development and visit Virtual launch meeting in April -join, see great talks, students and postdocs submit abstracts!



To Anzhi Chen for successfully defending on November 20, 2020.



To Adam Shoffner, MD for successfully defending on October 21, 2020.

To John Thompson for successfully defending on July 14, 2020.

To Leslie Slota, PhD for receiving an F32 grant.