What Makes a Scientist a Scientist?

Have you ever wondered what the life of Jonas Salk – the man behind the polio vaccine – was like apart from his science? Or about Einstein’s younger days – his life and loves, his hobbies and activities outside the textbook – that formed him into the genius we remember him as? Or how Newton’s life propelled him to the moment under the tree when the apple dropped on his head and he discovered gravity?

Welcome to Portrait of a Scientist!

If you have ever thought of any of these questions, you are certainly not alone! My name is Josh Frost. I’m a graduate student working toward my Master’s degree in Bioethics and Science Policy at Duke University. In addition to a bioethicist, I’m a scientist that has often wondered these very questions myself. This has led me to a summer practicum investigating and documenting the stories behind everyday scientists –  how they got into science, what about their life makes them a good scientist, and how we (as scientists and as the public!) can learn from their stories. After all, behind every scientist is a human being with a human story. I hope what I can do with Portrait of a Scientist is illuminate some of these stories and bring a human face to the science throughout our everyday lives.