The Polis Distinguished Fellows Program brings accomplished political practitioners, public servants, and organizers to campus to engage with our community and to dedicate some portion of their time to a project that promises an innovative solution to a problem of contemporary politics and that involves students in the process.

Fellows join the campus community for 8-10 weeks over the course of a semester to share their expertise and engage with Duke University students, faculty, staff, and our broader intellectual community. During the fellowship period, these outstanding practitioners engage in a range of activities that may include some combination of guest lecturing, engaging with students during discussion sessions, mentoring, holding office hours, and/or participating in public facing events.

Fellowship Activities
Each Fellow’s role is crafted in collaboration with them and is based on the combination of their experiences and Polis’s priorities. These activities may include:
    •Leading regular discussion sessions with students that relate to the Fellow’s chosen project
    •Guest lecturing, co-teaching, or otherwise engaging with students and faculty
    •Mentoring students or holding office hours
    •Participating in at least one public-facing event that engages the Polis, Sanford School, and Duke University community

About the Distinguished Fellows
The Polis Distinguished Fellows program honors extraordinary leadership in politics and public service. Fellows are prominent figures who bring expertise and experience from their roles as practitioners in politics and governance, campaigns, activism, journalism, media, etc.

About Polis: Center for Politics
Polis: Center for Politics based in the Sanford School of Public Policy serves as the hub for politics at Duke University. We offer an array of programs and events intended to foster rich political discussion, showcase and provide support for politics-related research, and help students find on-ramps to politics. To learn more about Polis, please visit our homepage at www.polis.duke.edu.