Monthly Archives: February 2022

“Student Voices: Sen. Kaine’s lessons in public service,” Sanford Stories

By Violet Wang ’24. On Feb. 24, Polis Distinguished Fellow Ambassador Miriam Sapiro joined Sen. Tim Kaine to discuss his experience working in public service as a mayor, governor and vice presidential candidate. The event, organized by Polis: The Center for Politics, also covered current domestic and international challenges facing the United States.

“Senator Tim Kaine: national security threats in internal U.S. divisions and rise of authoritarian systems,” Sanford Stories

By Jackie Ogburn. The day the Russian military launched an invasion into Ukraine, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) points to internal divisions within the U.S. as the biggest threat to national security, closely followed by the global struggles between authoritarian and democratic countries.

“National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan speaks to Duke students about Biden administration’s priorities, challenges,” The Chronicle

By James Cruikshank. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan spoke with Duke students about the Biden administration’s current national security challenges and priorities for the year over Zoom Thursday evening.