November 7, 2016

Devil’s Discourse Podcast

Extreme partisanship, a breakdown in civility, policy-making and process-driven gridlock, and other pathologies of modern politics have caused many Americans to lose trust in political institutions. The notion of individuals coming together to solve problems seems increasingly antiquated. However, most Duke University students want to hear what the other side thinks. They want to better understand the foundations of others’ beliefs. They want to learn how others’ experiences have shaped their world view.

The Devil’s Discourse Podcast captures these tough, honest, and respectful conversations, showcasing to the Duke community and to communities beyond that constructive dialogue is a first step toward jumpstarting cross-party collaboration and sound policy making.

Click here to listen to the Devil’s Discourse podcasts.

The Sanford School has an excellent podcast series called Ways and Means. Click here to listen to their podcast on Gerrymandering.