How Can Policy Bridge Help You?

Although located at the Sanford School, Policy Bridge seeks to serve the Duke community as a whole. We also strive to serve outside policy actors by connecting them with Duke experts.

Our services fall into four categories.

1. Research-Policy Consultations

Outside Partners: Organizations and leaders from outside Duke approach the Policy Bridge for help identifying research expertise and to pursue research-policy-practice collaborations. Contact the Policy Bridge for assistance with identifying Duke researchers whose work is relevant to your interests and priorities.

Duke Researchers: Want to connect with policy and policy officials but don't know where to start? The Policy Bridge can help. Contact the Policy Bridge for help with:

  • Involving policy partners at any phase of your research,
  • Writing for a policy audience,
  • Strategically sharing your research findings with policymakers,
  • and other types of assistance.

2. Workshops

Duke’s Policy Bridge offers policy workshops, trainings, and other opportunities for engagement that build a foundational understanding of the many connections between research and policy.

Participants in the policy workshops learn about how connections between policymakers and researchers produce more effective research and create mutually beneficial relationships. Additionally, participants gain applicable communication, writing, and policy analysis skills that are essential in connecting with practitioners. Sessions include hands-on opportunities for participants to learn from “real world” policy materials and to apply what they learn to draft policy materials on policy-relevant topics.

3. Convenings

We facilitate targeted interaction between researchers and practitioners through small groups and one-on-one meetings. These gatherings provide an opportunity for focused interaction between policy officials and researchers to highlight existing and future possibilities for research and policy to inform each other as well as for possible collaborative efforts.  In such settings, researchers benefit from expanding their policy audience and learning about existing efforts on the ground, and policymakers and practitioners gain the insight of research that could better inform their decision making and practice. 

4. Highlighting Engagement

Shining a spotlight on our faculty, researchers, and centers connecting with the policy world is an integral part of our mission. We highlight stories of policy engagement through our blog and newsletter to serve as exemplars to Duke affiliates and outside partners.  Our hope is that through viewing these stories outside policy actors will become more familiar with Duke's expertise and campus affiliates will become inspired with fresh ideas for policy engagement.

If you have an engagement story you would like us to highlight, please contact us.