Sanford Professor of Public Policy Phil Napoli will be presenting the findings of his latest paper in Washington, D.C. this September.  In addition to presenting at the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference on September 9th, Napoli will also present his paper on Capitol Hill earlier in the week.

His paper was one of the four selected conference papers to be presented at the congressional briefing on capitol hill.

In his latest paper,  Napoli poses the question “what if more speech is no longer the solution.”  He discusses the ways in which changes in the media environment are undermining the notion of counterspeech (i.e., that the solution to bad/false speech is simply more speech). Professor Napoli’s research focuses on media institutions and media regulation and policy.  He has provided formal and informal expert testimony on these topics to government bodies such as the U.S. Senate, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Congressional Research Service.

To learn more about Professor Napoli’s research and policy expertise, visit his Sanford and Scholars@Duke pages.