Durham Connects is a home-vising program for infants and new mothers that strives to increase early childhood well-being through in-home health assessments for new families. They achieve this by recruiting and training nurses to perform these early visits. The program is a collaborative effort between the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy (CCFP) and several local partners and was highlighted in the Bipartisan Policy Center’s latest “Early Childhood Learning and Development” report.

The Bipartisan Policy Center partnered with Sanford School of Public Policy to assemble a Durham round table of researchers, policy officials, and practitioners in the area to explore best practices and policy ideas that promote early childhood development. The round table took place Fall 2016.

This partnership was part of a two-year Early Childhood Initiative taken on by the Bipartisan Policy Center. The organization is known for its efforts the bridge the partisan divide to solve the great social and political issues of our time.

The aforementioned report includes more than 85 interviews with experts, government officials, and policy makers across the political spectrum who are committed to early childhood education and development.

We have embedded a copy of the report below.

Download the PDF file .