Congratulations Haika and Linda!

We are excited to announce Haika Osaki as our new study coordinator and Linda Minja as our new assistant coordinator for the Maisha study! Haika joined our team in April 2019 and has taken charge of the day to day activities for the stigma reduction intervention. She has a background in Sociology (BA), Public Health (MPH) and has been vital to our research operations. Linda serves as an assistant statistician at Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI) and as a data manager on the Maisha study. She has worked with our team since the start of the Option B+ project. She has a background in quantitative modeling and has ensured that the data collected is accurate and complete. Congratulations, Haika and Linda! We appreciate your hard work.


Haika (left) and Linda (right) pose for a picture at KCRI. 

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