Godfrey Kisigo attends the Global Reproductive Health Leadership Symposium at Duke

Our study coordinator, Godfrey, visited Duke at the end of February to attend the Global Reproductive Health Leadership Symposium. The goal of the symposium was to bring researchers from DGHI priority partner locations in East and South Africa together with their mentors and other Duke faculty, students, and trainees “to strengthen research capacity, develop leadership and mentorship skills, and identify gaps in reproductive health research in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Over three days, Godfrey attended presentations, engaged in discussions, and participated in research skills sessions focused on developing leaders in global reproductive health. Godfrey had great things to say about his experience:

‘Attending the Global Reproductive Health Leadership symposium presented a unique experience to interact with notable researchers from East Africa and Duke University. I enjoyed the mentorship session the most, as it was featured with the presence of my mentor. I believe we have created potential collaborations in reproductive health research across East Africa and Duke University at large. I should not forget to mention that food was amazing, and the organizing committee was rocking.’

Godfrey was also present at Duke to celebrate the launch of the Center for Global Reproductive Health, led by Dr. Megan Huchko. At the event, which coincided with International Women’s Day, Godfrey was one of three speakers who shared a short story about how he became invested in improving the health of women around the world. We share Godfrey’s optimism about the future successes of the Center!

‘I am indeed grateful to be part of this inauguration. I have so much hope that the center will strive to address inequalities in reproductive health. The center is made up of an enthusiastic team, and their commitment to reproductive health research will improve quality of life to many, especially our women from low- and middle-income countries.’

Godfrey speaks at the launch of the Center for Global Reproductive Health

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