Dr. Watt and Dr. Mmbaga attend Women Leaders in Global Health Conference

Study PIs Dr. Melissa Watt and Dr. Blandina Mmbaga traveled together to Stanford University to attend the 2017 Women Leaders in Global Health Conference.

According to conference organizers, the one-day meeting was inspired “by the large and growing number of women in global and public health, and frustration about the lack of diversity and representation of women in global health leadership positions.”

“Women comprise as much as 75% of the health workforce in many countries and the majority of students in academic global health tracks. Yet they hold only 8 of 34 World Health Organization executive board positions and fewer than 1 in 4 global health leadership positions at the top 50 U.S. medical schools.’

Drs. Watt and Mmbaga met with other emerging and established women leaders in the field,  discussed strategies to  engage and support women in the workforce, and learned how to build their own leadership skills.

We are grateful to have these two accomplished women leading our team and providing wonderful mentorship and support!

Dr. Watt and Dr. Mmbaga having fun at WLGH!